3/8" (0.375") Air Line Nylon DOT Tubing - 20 Foot Roll

Assured Performance DOT 3/8" od Air Line. Perfect for supplying air horns, air bags, air suspension. Can be used for hydraulic, water, fuel, vacuum. Many sizes to choose from at the best prices.
  • Item #: ACAirLine(0.38)x20
  • Manufacturer: Assured Performance
  • Condition: New

Assured Performance

Assured Performance Products

 D.O.T. Approved Nylon Air Tubing

Perfect for supplying air horns, bags, supply ports

Abrasion resistance & strength at high temperatures.

Manufactured from engineering resin.


Part Number: ACAirLine(0.38)x20

O.D.: 0.375"

I.D.: .275"

Wall: .050"

Strength: 581psi(@70ºF.)

Length: 20.0 Feet(240")

Material: Nylon

application uses hydraulic hoses, water, vacuum, fuel, vapor, air lines.

**For each Quantity Ordered will equal 20 FEET of Tubing.


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