Chrome SS 12" Long 5" Outlet Pencil Rolled Diesel Exhaust Tip

Assured Performance Diesel exhaust tip for 3.6"OD and 4" OD Tailpipes. Chrome over Stainless. Free Shipping
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  • Item #: ACD35-4050RCP
  • Manufacturer: Assured Performance
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ACD35-4050RCP
  • Condition: New

Assured Performance

Assured Performance Products
100% T304 Stainless Steel
CHROME Plated T304 Stainless Steel
Will NOT Rust, Flake or Discolor
Shine of Chrome-Longevity of Stainless
Professional Grade Custom Exhaust Tips
Installs in Minutes with our Quick Clamp System.
Discounted Price When Buying 2 or More.

Available in 4 inch Inlet for Stock Dodge Cummins Diesel Tailpipes
Available in 3.6 inch Inlet for Stock Ford and Chevy Diesel Tailpipes(pre ‘08)

Part#: ACD35-4050RCP
Available Inlet Sizes: 3.6'' I.D. & 4''I.D.
Outlet Size: 5.0''O.D.
Overall Length: 18.0''
Material: T304 Stainless(Heavy-1.66mm).
*Inside Rolled Outlet.
*Round Outlet
* Pencil Outlet – Non Slanted(90 degrees)
*Chrome Plated.
*Clamp included for Easy Installation.
*We do recommend welding this tip on to keep it from growing legs and walking off!!!
*Mirror Finish-Will look like new for years to come.

This Assured Performance diesel exhaust tip is sold exclusively by Assured Automotive Company. The Assured Performance ACD35-4050RCP muffler exhaust extension is made from the best stainless steel available, T304 Grade. This tip is the best of both worlds. The shine of chrome and the longevity of T304 Stainless Steel. Our chrome over stainless will not rust, flake or discolor over time. Our Exhaust Tips will NOT rust like chrome over steel will. Beware of other dealers online selling ''stainless'' exhaust tips, they are most likely using a lower grade stainless steel. The A.P. ACD35-4050RCP exhaust tip will finish off your diesel truck, SUV or van looks. This ACD35-4050RCP custom exhaust tip will give your truck the custom look, hiding that horrible looking tailpipe. The ACD35-4050RCP diesel exhaust tip has a 90 degree pencil rolled outlet
This tip is available with a 3.6” ID inlet for the stock Ford Powerstroke (pre ‘08) or the GM Duramax (pre ‘07½ ). It is also available in 4” ID Inlet for stock Dodge Ram Cummins Diesels or aftermarket 4” exhaust systems. Please note that some Ford Powerstroke exhaust pipes were 3.5” OD in size. In the case you can use a shim to gain and use the 3.6”ID inlet size.
Assured Performance Stainless Steel Exhaust tips come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against rust.

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