INLINE Electric Air Valve Solenoid Heavy Duty 250psi 24vDC

Assured Performance 24v Electric Air Valve. This is a heavy duty air solenoid that is perfect for air horns, air suspension and air bags. Assured Automotive Company has the best prices.
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  • Item #: ACSOL-261-24v
  • Manufacturer: Assured Performance
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ACSOL-261-24v
  • Condition: New

Assured Performance

Assured Performance Products

 Solid State 24v Solenoid

Perfect for Air Horns and Suspension

Easy Install


Part Number: ACSOL-261-24v

Voltage: 24v

AMP: 3

Material: All Metal

Air Outlet: 1/8"NPT-FEMALE

Air Inlet: 1/8" NPT FEMALE



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