RIGID 504813 D-Series PRO DOT SAE LED Light Pair of Cubes Dually

RIGID Industries 504813 DUALLY D-Series PRO DOT SAE J583 LED Lights. Sold in pairs. Assured Automotive has the best prices.
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  • Item #: ACRD504813
  • Manufacturer: Rigid Industries
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 504813
  • Condition: New


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Rigid D-Series PRO 504813
Pair of RIGID DOT / SAE Compliant LED Lights

D-Series PRO (Professional Race Output)
Rigid Industries' 504813 SAE Compliant Dually Fog Light Set allow Rigid Industries LED Lights to be used on-the-road and not just off-road. Rigid created the perfect output spread and height achieved by the new patented Clarilux™ optic system. The color temperature of the LEDs is a perfect range of pure daylight to penetrate the night as your eyes read the road.

The SAE Compliant lights project long range high intensity light while drawing very little power and provide up to 50,000 useful hours. The low profile design, advanced engineered heat sink, cast aluminum durability and the highest quality of strength of a polycarbonate lens is the ultimate solution for your street-legal needs in North America.Use for anything from a reverse lights on a truck.

Perfect for Car or Truck Fog Lights
Street Legal in U.S.
DOT & SAE J583 Compliant

PRO Rigid D-Series
The D-Series has always been the most versatile compact lighting package on the market today. RIGID has just made it professional grade with the D-Series PRO, which offers more light output than ever before thanks to recent advancements in LED technology. Available with a variety of mounting options, including surface, flush, or heavy-duty, the D-Series PRO can be utilized for virtually any lighting application. Measuring just 3" x 3", the D-Series PRO packs a powerful punch up to 102% more raw lumens depending on the optics chosen.

Features and Specs:
Item#: ACRD504813
RIGID PN: 504813
Fog Light is Compliant with SAE J583
Finish Color: Black
Mount Type: OE
LED's: 8 (4 each)
Optics: SAE J583
Watts: 44 (22 each)
Amp Draw: 3.06 (1.53 each)
Raw Lumens: 3520 (1760 each)
Lux @ 10m: 106 (each)
Beam Distance: 103 m
Peak Beam Intensity: 10570 cd
Includes Plug-n-Play Harness and switch
Fixtures in Package: 2
1 Purchase = 2 Rigid Lights
Rigid Limited Lifetime Warranty

Mounting Bracket/Hardware
Mounting Hardware
Plug-n-Play Wire Harness
Deutsch Connenctor and Switch

SAE Defined - SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers. SAE is comprised of a number of working groups of automotive and lighting engineers that work with industry studies and other experts to set standards. SAE sets the standards for pretty much everything on a vehicle, from how bright or dim a brake light can be, to lens coatings (in some cases) to thermal performance, to colour specification (is that red brake light really red, or more pink-ish?). While SAE is not law in most areas, it is a best-practices standard that the entire automotive world pays attention to. Comparing SAE numbers usually gives a good level-playing-field comparison between lights. SAE publishes thousands of standards, each one numbered. Within each standard, there are usually “Classes” that specify performance. When a vendor says “SAE Compliant” on their website or literature, they should also specify the Standard number and the Class. Without it the term “SAE compliant” is meaningless. Rigid Industries SAE Compliant Dually Fog Light Set follows the SAE J583 Class and the Rigid Industries SAE Compliant Auxiliary High Bean Driving Light Set follows the SAE J581Class.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.
RIGID Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tortured Rigid Lights Video (You must see this!!)

Shipments within the Continental U.S. ONLY

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