VIAIR 275c Compressor 1 Gallon Tank Complete On Board Kit

ViAIR 275c Compressor 1 gallon System 150 PSI Max-12v. Heavy Duty Compressors. Complete Kit 12 Month Warranty
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  • Item #: VIAIR275c-1Gal
  • Manufacturer: VIAIR Corporation
  • Condition: New


This Kit is Perfect For:
Air Supply for Truck or Train Air Horns
Air Supply for Air Lockers
Air Supply for Air Springs

VIAIR Compressor Kit Specs:
VIAIR 275c Compressor
150psi (25% Duty @ 100psi).
Duty Cycle Explained-CLICK HERE
Compressor Dimensions: 6.50'' L. x 3.50'' W. x 4.50'' H.
1.0 Gallon Tank-4 Fitting Ports
Air Tank Dimension: 10.25"L. x 6.0"W. x 7.5"H.

This On Board System Includes:
*30 amp-150psi for 12v. System ONLY.
*Illuminated Dash Panel gauge w/ON/OFF Switch.
*Pressure Switch w/Built in Relay.
*20 Feet Air Lines Tubing.
*20 Feet Positive Wire /Inline Fuse
*1/4" Quick Connect Coupler for other Air Needs.
*Female and Male Tees.
*Reducer and Compression Fitting.
*Female and Male Electrical Connectors.
*Ring Electrical Connectors.
*Cable Ties and Cable Tie Brackets.
*Nuts/ Screws/ Washers.
*Continuous Grommet Strip.
*Complete Instructions.
*VIAIR 1 Year Warranty against Defects

1.0 Gallon Tank Fill Rate w/VIAIR 275c Compressor
0 to 105 PSI -----1 Min. 5 Sec.
0 to 145 PSI -----1 Min. 39 Sec.
85 to 105 PSI----0 Min. 14 Sec.
110 to 145 PSI-----0 Min. 28 Sec.

This Viair quarter duty on board air system produces a whopping 150psi. The Viair 275c compressor is 25% Duty at 100psi. The tank is about the size of a 1 gallon milk jug. So it will fit easily in a trunk of a car, truck tool box or even sometimes under the hood. This Viair Kit is perfect for most air horn applications, air spring kits or air lockers. The small but mighty 275c compressor will recover the air tank from 110psi to 150psi in less than 30 seconds!!
The includes the Viair patented air filter relocation kit. This way the 275c air compressor can be mounted under the vehicle and filter can be in a location that is clean. Ideal places for the air filter is in engine compartment. Installed inside the vehicle, under a seat or under a bed rail is also ideal. This will extend the life of the compressor greatly. This Viair quarter duty kit includes a 2” air pressure gauge along with a on/off switch. The Viair 110psi ON and 150psi OFF pressure switch / relay combo makes wiring a breeze. The kit also includes 20 feet on ¼” air tubing along with plenty of fitting.
Purchase with confidence, we are an Authorized VIAIR DEALER.

Don't forget to get your Tire Fill Hose Kit
Choose 1 of 2 VIAIR Tire Fill Hose Kit options below:

The first of the two options (Yellow Hose Kit-Top of Pic Below) is Viair 35' Coil Air Hose and is 200psi rated. This kit includes a Female Quick Connect fitting and Male Quick Connect Studs(2). Also includes a tire chuck. (PN:ACV0037-KT)

The second of the two options (Digital Hose Kit-Bottom of pic) is the Viair Digital Tire Fill 30' Hose Kit. Includes Digital Tire gauge that reads 0-200psi. Also includes a canvas protective carrying case. (PN:ACV00044)
CLICK HERE for Digital Tire Fill Kit Info

Add A Viair Tire Fill Hose Kit and Save

You can also upgrade the compressor in this kit!!
See Compressor Upgrade Option

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