VIAIR 275c 1 Gal. Compressor Kit-152db "BEHEMOTH" Train Air Horn

Assured Automotive Company HUGE BEHEMOTH Triple Trumpet Air Horn. 152db of Earth Shaking Train Horn. This horn will rattle your bones when ignited. Kit includes everything you need to install
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  • Item #: ACHRSK-773-VIAIR275c-1G
  • Manufacturer: A.P. / VIAIR Corporation
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ACHRSK-773-VIAIR275c-1G
  • Condition: New


Assured Performance Products
BEHEMOTH Triple Trumpet Train Air Horn
VIAIR 150psi 1.0 Gallon Kit

Check Out our Video Below.
Actual Horn in the FORD F250-See Video.

Of course this video does not do justice to just how loud this 152db Behemoth Horn really is!!
Our BEHEMOTH Air Horn will literally shake the ground!!
This Horn will get the attention of folks blocks away.
This Air System can be mounted in any position.
The Viair 1 Gallon Air System easily can mount in car's trunk..
..the bed of a pickup or UTV..
..or even storage hold of RV.
Can also be mounted under vehicle as well.
This Air System is considered a underbody kit.
This Viair Air System can also be used for emergency tire inflate, air lockers, air springs, etc.
This BEHEMOTH horn will fit most large Pickups and SUVs.
We give you options for compressor upgrades.
Quick and Easy Install.

Behemoth Air Horn Specs:
Part# ACHRSK-773
DB: 152 @ 10M(150psi)
Solenoid(Electric Air Valve): Included (12v/24v).
Trumpets: 3
Trumpet Diameter: 6.25''
Trumpet Lengths: 11.25'', 13.5'', 15.6''
Overall Dimension(Cubed): 15.75'' Long x 11.5'' Wide x 11.35'' Tall
Trumpet Material: CHROME Plated Zinc(non-corrosive)
Mounting Hardware: Included
*Mirror Finish-Trumpets will look like new for years to come.
*Oversized Hi-Flow Air Solenoid.

VIAIR Compressor Kit Specs:
VIAIR 275c Compressor
150psi (25% Duty @ 100psi).
Duty Cycle Explained-CLICK HERE
Compressor Dimensions: 6.50'' L. x 3.50'' W. x 4.50'' H.
1.0 Gallon Tank-4 Fitting Ports
Air Tank Dimension: 10.25"L. x 6.0"W. x 7.5"H.

This On Board System Includes:
*30 amp-150psi for 12v. System ONLY.
*Illuminated Dash Panel gauge w/ON/OFF Switch.
*Pressure Switch w/Built in Relay.
*20 Feet Air Lines Tubing.
*20 Feet Positive Wire /Inline Fuse
*1/4" Quick Connect Coupler for other Air Needs.
*Female and Male Tees.
*Reducer and Compression Fitting.
*Female and Male Electrical Connectors.
*Ring Electrical Connectors.
*Cable Ties and Cable Tie Brackets.
*Nuts/ Screws/ Washers.
*Continuous Grommet Strip.
*Complete Instructions.
*VIAIR 1 Year Warranty against Defects

1.0 Gallon Tank Fill Rate w/VIAIR 275c Compressor
0 to 105 PSI -----1 Min. 5 Sec.
0 to 145 PSI -----1 Min. 39 Sec.
85 to 105 PSI----0 Min. 14 Sec.
110 to 145 PSI-----0 Min. 28 Sec.

This Behemoth Super Loud, earth shaking train air horn will get you noticed and will wake up inattentive drivers that share the road with you. This Assured Performance ACHRSK-773 airhorn sold exclusively by Assured Automotive Company. The Behemoth Train Horn will work in large cars, RV, SUV, Semi's and of course make for a great pickup truck air horn. This air horn has zinc trumpets that will not rust. The diaphragm housing are made of cast aluminum polished to a mirror finish. The Behemoth train air horn line is not for the average person, this horn is extremely loud.
This Viair quarter duty on board air system produces a whopping 150psi. The Viair 275c compressor is 25% Duty at 100psi. The tank is about the size of a 1 gallon milk jug. So it will fit easily in a trunk of a car, truck tool box or even sometimes under the hood. This Viair Kit is perfect for air supply for this horn, air spring kits or air lockers. The kit includes the Viair patented air filter relocation kit. This way the 275c air compressor can be mounted under the vehicle and filter can be in a location that is clean. Ideal places for the air filter is in engine compartment or inside the vehicle cabin under a seat or under a bed rail is also ideal. This will extend the life of the compressor greatly. This Viair quarter duty kit includes a 2” air pressure gauge along with a on/off switch. The Viair 110psi ON and 150psi OFF pressure switch / relay combo makes wiring a breeze. This kit includes all the necessary fitting for install.
Purchase with confidence, we are an Authorized VIAIR DEALER.

You can use OE Horn Switch (steering wheel) to activate solenoid.
You don't want to use your OE Horn Switch??
Choose option to include Horn Button Switch.
Do you want to Look and Feel like a Big Trucker???
Choose option to include Manual Air Valve Kit w/Lanyard

Assured Performance

Don't forget to get your Tire Fill Hose Kit
Choose 1 of 2 VIAIR Tire Fill Hose Kit options below:

The first of the two options (Yellow Hose Kit-Top of Pic Below) is Viair 35' Coil Air Hose and is 200psi rated. This kit includes a Female Quick Connect fitting and Male Quick Connect Studs(2). Also includes a tire chuck. (PN:ACV0037-KT)

The second of the two options (Digital Hose Kit-Bottom of pic) is the Viair Digital Tire Fill 30' Hose Kit. Includes Digital Tire gauge that reads 0-200psi. Also includes a canvas protective carrying case. (PN:ACV00044)
CLICK HERE for Digital Tire Fill Kit Info

Add A Viair Tire Fill Hose Kit and Save

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